Press Release: Social Circus Day

 Social Circus Day

 Bringing happiness and joy to the world

 April 1, 2017 

The Palestinian Circus School (PCS) participated at the international Social Circus Day that the world celebrates on April 1. Sixty groups from all over the world, in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, organized different events and activities with the aim of bringing happiness and laughter to different communities around the world.

Social circus day is organized by the Asian Social Circus Association and aims at celebrating the positive impact of social circus in empowering children and youth.   

The primary goal of social circus is to nurture participant’s self-esteem and trust in others, teaching them social skills and important values, inspiring them to become active citizens, express their creativity and explore their potential.

On this occasion, the Palestinian Circus School organized several circus workshops for around 80 children of different social backgrounds and physical capabilities in Birzeit and Ramallah. Click here for more images 

The Palestinian Circus School (PCS) teaches average 300 children all over Palestine (Ramallah, Birzeit, Jenin, Al Fara and Jerusalem) on a weekly basis. PCS considers itself as a social circus school, where the personal and collective development of positive identities are at the core of our work. PCS is a member of the European Social Circus Network ‘Caravan’ and of the Asian Social Circus Association ASCA.  

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