Since its establishment in 2006, PCS has been developing shows for its Palestinian and International audiences. So far it has created 6 shows: Circus behind the Wall in 2007, La Wein “Where to?” in 2009, Dreams for Sale in 2010, “Kol Saber!” in 2012, B-Orders in 2014 and Mish Zabta in 2014. In addition to a yearly creation for the mobile circus tour!

Developing and spreading circus arts in Palestine have always been one of the major concerns of the Palestinian Circus School. In order to achieve this goal, PCS engages in the development of different productions: large street shows, student presentations, numbers for festivals or events and finally the creation of real professional productions. Again it is important to point out the difference with the traditional circus, whereas the new or contemporary circus that we practice makes use of theatre, music, dance, light, and costume design to convey a story to its public through circus skills.

With all these productions, the PCS reaches out to the larger Palestinian society and to an international public abroad. Since its establishment in 2006, PCS reached an audience of 60.000 people in areas A, B and C in Jerusalem and abroad.

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