Subscription Regulations

  • Students below 18 years old must be registered by their parent.
  • Students are registered only after completing all subscription procedures
  • All students will be insured after completing the subscription procedures. Students without insurance are not allowed to train.

Other Regulations

  • Respect trainers, administrative staff and fellow students
  • Respect circus properties and return them to their space immediately after the end of training. If a student caused any damage  to any property owned by the school, the concerned student or his/her guardian will be responsible
  • Training is strictly prohibited without the presence of a trainer. It is also prohibited to enter the training hall during breaks or before the start of training
  • Respect time: Students have to be present at least 5 minutes before the start of training
  • All students are required to wear training outfits. Accessories are not allowed
  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings. The school will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belonging
  • If a student faced any problem/difficulty whether during or outside training, he/she must inform the trainer or any administrative member
  • The school keeps the right to cancel any training but should inform its students of any changes or cancellation in advance 
  • In case of absence, you have to inform the school in advance. More than three absentees without prior notice and/or valid reason will be taken into consideration when applying for the scholarship application, and will lead to annulations of insurance.

Official Holidays:

  • Aid AL Adha: 5 days (4 days Aid + Waqfe) September 10 till 14
  • Christmas: 2 days: December 24+26
  • New year: 1 day: January 2 
  • Orthodox Easter: 1 day: January 7
  • Easter: 1 day: April 30 
  • Workers day: 1 day: May 1 
  • Aid AL Fitr: 3 days: June 26+27+28