Subscription Regulations

  • Students below 18 years old must be registered by their parent.
  • Students are registered only after completing all subscription procedures
  • All students will be insured after completing the subscription procedures. Students without insurance are not allowed to train.

Other Regulations

  • Respect trainers, administrative staff and fellow students
  • Respect circus properties and return them to their space immediately after the end of training. If a student caused any damage  to any property owned by the school, the concerned student or his/her guardian will be responsible
  • Training is strictly prohibited without the presence of a trainer. It is also prohibited to enter the training hall during breaks or before the start of training
  • Respect time: Students have to be present at least 5 minutes before the start of training
  • All students are required to wear training outfits. Accessories are not allowed
  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings. The school will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belonging
  • If a student faced any problem/difficulty whether during or outside training, he/she must inform the trainer or any administrative member
  • The school keeps the right to cancel any training but should inform its students of any changes or cancellation in advance 
  • Subscribed studentsmust respect training schedule, and be on time. In case of absence, students must inform the school of the absence date in advance. If the student is absent more than three times without informing the school and without providing a convincing reason, this will be taken into consideration when applying for a scholarship, and the student's insurance will be cancelled.


·   If you want to cancel your subscription, let us know soon

·   If you cancel subscription before the start of the classes, the 100NIS registration fee will not be reimbursed.

·   If you cancel during the year, you only pay for the part of the classes that you have received.

·   PCS keeps the right to cancel a circus club in case it has not received enough inscriptions. In this case all payments including the 100NIS registration fee will be returned

Official Holidays:

  • Aid AL Adha
  • Christmas
  • New year
  • Orthodox Easter
  • Easter
  • Workers day
  • Aid AL Fitr